My Role : Product Design

Ethex is a fully decentralized, smart-contract based exchange for tokens on the Ethereum network. Unlike most other Ethereum exchanges, Ethex only lists tokens that are functional and have utility today. Transparency and fairness are at the core of the Ethex experience. Because trades occur wallet-to-wallet, safety is also built right into the system as no middleman has custody of a user's funds. 

As the sole product designer on Ethex, I was responsible for creating the end-to-end interface and experience for the mobile app. Prior to this, the only way to interact with the Ethex trading systems and smart contract was through the web app. 
The Ethex web app is a complex, feature filled trading interface intended to be used by seasoned traders. However, the goal for the mobile app was a much cleaner and simpler experience that is intended for more novice users.

In order to achieve this goal, we had to strategically strip out parts of the experience and functionality that were not critical to this new direction. That meant a new onboarding experience, a limited variety of wallet types to connect, less steps to create a transaction and faster transaction speeds overall.

Despite the reduced feature set of the mobile app, the user experience was not sacrificed. I designed several delightful micro-interactions, like the menu dropdown below, scattered throughout the app.

I also got to design an app-wide dark mode option that swaps colors one-to-one with the dark mode color scheme. This feature will eventually make its way to the web app where there is a bigger need for this.

The MVP version of both an iOS and Android app is available on their respective stores right now.
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