My Role : Ideation, Creative Direction, Visual Design and User Experience
Non-profits traditionally see each other as competition; fighting for the attention, participation and ultimately donation dollars of supporters. This leads them to develop a silo'ed approach to technology where-in everything that relates to them is set-up, developed and consumed completely in their own space. Non-profit software vendors worsen this situation by encouraging non-profits to take up white-labeled products. Each non-profit essentially ends up with their own website, fundraising solution and mobile app, built using the same underlying product. 
We, at Sentiv, do not believe in the white-labeling approach that has gone on in the industry for so long. In fact, we are against it for a variety of reasons. Our efforts to become a centralized platform for Fitlanthropy (Fitness + Philanthropy) meant that we had to maintain the identity of the non-profit without sacrificing the identity of Sentiv as the platform powering the solution. 
Color is an important element of brand identity and it provides us with the perfect compromise. A quick look at the logos of popular non-profits shows us that they use bold and unique colors to differentiate themselves.
This presented a great opportunity to utilize the brand color as a means of differentiation and association on the Sentiv platform. A perfect way to personalize the look, feel and experience for each individual non-profit without sacrificing the identity of Sentiv as the platform.
This practice works well not just for consumer facing parts of the platform but also the administrative facing ones as well. 
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