My Role : Ideation, Creative Direction, Visual Design and User Experience​​​​​​​
Fitness fundraising events like marathons, walkathons and bike rides are some of the largest sources of revenue for non-profits. In fact, the top 30 of these programs raised over $1.5 billion in 2016 alone. All of these programs employ the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) fundraising model where in the participant in these events recruits their network (friends and family) to donate to the cause on their behalf. 
P2P fundraising model
Revenue from these events though (driven primarily by the P2P fundraising model) is dropping year-over-year. A big part of that is due to the poor participant fundraising experience for these events. We, at Sentiv, understand this pain first hand having participated in several of these events. 
The technology solutions that most non-profits currently utilize allow the participants to create a personal page with a story and collect donations; nothing more. Any participant that is looking for a more meaningful way to connect their donors, themselves and the cause together is SOL. ​​​​​​​
Market research shows us that a big factor in motivating people to fundraise for these causes is their personal fitness goal.  Our own research based on user surveys and interviews confirmed that.
These are fitness events after all. A majority of participants want to genuinely improve their fitness, yet there are no tools currently provided to help them in their fitness journey.
We, at Sentiv, set out to create something better - CauseFit.
CauseFit is a far more interactive and intuitive fitness fundraising experience for everyone. It ties a participant's fitness goals with their fundraising goals directly incentivizing them to reach both. It allows for better interaction between the participant and the donors by making them a part of the journey. Donors can keep up with the participant's fitness and fundraising efforts; commend them on what they've done or encourage them to do more.
CauseFit is an end-to-end fundraising solution for charities. Participants can set-up, share and begin fundraising in just a few clicks.
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